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Central Application Site: bwForCluster

The central application site (ZAS) is a web interface to process applications for resource access to and usage extension of bwForCluster. The application are regarded as planned compute activities. The application procedure considers two groups

  • Responsible/applicant and co-worker

und two modes

  • Initial application (for 1 year) and extension (for another year)
The entire application procedure for bwForCluster usage can be found at the bwHPC Wiki.

Registration of planned compute activities (aka rechenvorhaben)
A rechenvorhaben (RV) defines the planned compute activities of a group of researchers on one of the bwForClusters. bwForClusters are customized to the requirements of particular research areas. The project team bwHPC-C5 chooses the best fitting bwForCluster for your purposes. Please register your RV with this form.

Collaboration as co-worker
Collaboration in an approved rechenvorhaben enables access to one of the bwForClusters. You can register as coworker of a rechenvorhaben here.