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Tiger Team Projects: Call for Support

With this Call for Tiger Team Support users of the bwHPC systems (i.e., bwForCluster / bwUniCluster) are invited to apply for tiger team support. The approval of requests for tiger team support depends on available expert resources All proposals will be subject to a selection process which may last several weeks. As the available expert resources are limited, it is recommended to submit proposals as soon as possible.

Definition of Tiger Team

Tiger teams constitute a key instrument for specific user support. A tiger team is part of the HPC competence centers and will be established upon the occasion by these centers with the specifically defined tasks for optimization/implementation support. To make use of all the existing expert knowledge, the members of a tiger team may belong to different locations depending on the occasion. The pool of experts is statewide (i.e., Baden-Württemberg) and currently covers core competences e.g. for (scientific) software applications, development tools and techniques, and libraries. Tiger teams, moreover, closely interact with scientific user groups.

Application Scenarios

Currently the following application scenarios of tiger teams are:

  • Porting of applications to bwUniCluster / bwForCluster
  • Optimization of batch job scripts
  • Parallelization of sequential parts of code
  • Build configurations
  • Usage/Linkage of performance-optimized libraries
  • Implementation and optimization of workflows
  • Checkpointing / restart functions of applications
  • Implementation and optimization of data management
  • I/O performance optimization

Apply for Support

See online form: Apply for Tiger Team Support.

Tiger Team Successes

Successfully completed tiger team activities are published here.